About the Barcbots

The Barcbots Robotics Lab was established 7 years ago and first participated in the Vex IQ 2013-2014 game Add it Up. The Vex IQ teams (1111a and 1111b) managed to reach the World Championships of Vex IQ every year that it participated in (2013 to 2019). In 2017 the Barcbots added two Vex VRC teams (11101a and 11101b) which first participated in the Vex VRC 2017-2018 game In The Zone. This year the Barcbots ended the Vex IQ Program and added a third VRC team (11101c). Team 11101a has been lucky enough to reach the  Vex VRC world championships twice. The Barcbots are located in the Bay Area of California in the United States.