Vex IQ Crossover Field Setup

If you are coaching a Vex IQ Crossover team this season, you might want to budget an extra 6h of practices just to setup the Vex IQ Crossover field. Our team just finished ours. On average, I think a team of 4 students will take 4 to 6 hours to assemble the field. There are 4 separate instruction documents for the various parts of the game, totaling more than 200 pages of instructions.

You can download the full assembly instruction here: VEX IQ Challenge Crossover Field Assembly Instructions

This past year, we attended many Vex IQ competitions where the organizers were opening the "Full Field & Game Elements Kit" the morning of the competition. This is definitely not going to work for Crossover competitions. Taking your practice field to competitions will also require more space and more time to setup.

With the field out of the way, team 1111A will immediately start the design and build process for their first Crossover competition robot.

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