Welcome to Tower Takeover!

The new season for Vex VRC was announced at the world championships in Louisville Kentucky this April. The game element for this year is cubes, it seems as if all the robots will be fast stackers. The field comes with 66 cubes 22 of each color (Green, Orange, Purple). Winning autonomous seems especially important this year as the winner will receive 6 points plus two (Purple) autonomous cubes. They are two scoring zones for each alliance, one of the scoring zones is protected so the opposing alliance will not be able to enter. An image of the field can be seen below also attached is the introductory video for the Tower Takeover season. Our teams are excited about the season and think that the game looks like a ton of fun! Team 110101A and 11101B are both beggining to work on their competition robots. We here at Barcbots will keep you updated on what the best strategies appear to be!

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