Initial Thoughts on Tipping Point!

The Barcbots initial thoughts on the new VRC game Tipping Point. Due to the high points of parking, scoring mobile goals, and winning autonomous. We wonder what the value will be in going for and scoring rings since they are worth significantly less points. We also wonder what the best strategy will be for autonomous since there is now a way to get a win point. The best strategy may be to ignore trying to win autonomous but instead focus on getting the win-point since win-points are critical. We also wonder if making a robot able to score on the highest pole of the mobile goal is worth it since rings are not very important, making a robot that tall has many drawbacks, there is only 1 mobile goal with a high ring, scoring a ring on it is only worth 3 more points than scoring on a low pole, and the mobile goal can easily be knocked down. An arial image of the field is shown down below to provide greater context.

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