Tipping Point Information!

Tipping Point is the latest Vex VRC game and it was announced on May 22nd 2021! Tipping point has 72 rings (12 preloads, 18 match-loads, and 42 on the field) , 7 mobile goals (3 neutral, 4 alliance specific), and 2 parking platforms (1 Per Alliance). There are many different ways to score in Tipping Point putting rings on the low bars of mobile goals (3 points), putting rings on the high bar of mobile goals (6 points), scoring mobile goals in your alliance zone (20 points), winning Auton (20 points), parking (30 points per robot), and parking a mobile goal (40 points per). In Autonomous robots can enter their zone or the neutral zone but may not enter the opponents zone. You can gain a win point in autonomous by clearing the mobile goal from their autonomous win point line and scoring a ring on each of their alliance mobile goals (As noted earlier Auton is worth 20 points). I have included in this blog post an image of the field and the reveal video!

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